Our experienced quality control specialists know how to manage the quality level
in very detail from raw material inspection to pre-shipment of finished goods: our
quality control procedure includes strict on-site inspection of raw materials, in-line
production, and pre-shipment.

We have global service networks thanks to our subsidiaries and their own dealer
channels, so that Scorpion riders can be assured of aftermarket services.

Our engineers are experts distinguished by depth of helmet homologation knowledge,
and breadth of experience. Since each of the helmet standards differ in detail,
our engineers consistently study relevant knowledge to provide enhanced safety.

Since we understand the helmet is the most important piece of protective gear a rider
can use, we are doing our best to keep, and even over the industrial standard.
Safety is the best reason why the helmet exists, and also why it is mandatory to all riders.

Also, to protect riders in case of emergency, we are also providing emergency release
system(Tabs located under the neck roll allow easy removal of the cheekpads by
trained emergency medical personnel) for some of our premium helmets. All our engineers
are always concerned to enhance safety of Scorpion helmets.
Get protected with Scorpion EXO™ helmets.